Finding the Best Wedding Reception Venue in Sharon PA

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wedding reception venueAre you planning on a garden wedding or a private reception with all of your friends and loved ones in attendance, marching down the aisle in white amid the full bloom of spring? If the answer is yes, now is the time to keep your wedding planner busy! The best wedding reception venue in Sharon PA may be booked to the hilt but with advanced planning, you can have your date checked and start your countdown.

What to Consider When Booking

If you are planning on a 500-seat wedding reception or a private “family only” affair, here are a few important things to consider before you book the venue:

  • Ambiance – depends on your theme or motif, your venue must be suited for your theme of choice. If it’s not, it might cost you extra to prep up your desired design.
  • Accessibility- the venue should be accessible by any means. You can find a great wedding reception venue in Sharon PA if you live close by. No use shuttling your guests and family from one place to another unless that is what you really want.
  • Gourmet cuisine – your guests would love to share your most important moment and of course, your food too! A lousy menu can ruin a reception. Your wonderful wedding reception venue in Sharon PA may become the talk of the town for ages, so as the good food. Make time to check their liquor and bar service and choose the food yourself. You may select from the different packages that the restaurant offer but you can also make your own menu.
  • Service – take time to visit the Wedding Reception Venue’s website, read reviews and promotions. Services like full catering, venue decorations, concierge, valet parking, food service crew, video and photo coverage are just a few of the things included in your planning.
  • Affordability – Price range is within your budget. Budget price doesn’t have to mean low quality service. The rates can sometimes dictate the number of guests you invite.
  • The Perks – Ask for the perks that they offer such as discount on the number of persons, corkage fees, free sound system and decorations. Some venues offer welcome drinks to early birds.

All these things considered; you may now proceed with your planning for a spring or summer wedding. It is easy to get involved in the preparation stage if you live close to your wedding reception venue in Sharon PA. With a professional events planner or with just by yourself, you can never go wrong if you have a reputable venue to back you up.