Cash Bar

A Cash bar allows each guest to purchase drinks on an individual basis at the current market price.

Host Bar

A host bar is a bar that is sponsored and paid for by the host on a per drink basis. All drink charges are determined by the tallying of drinks consumed.

Unlimited Bar

Charged per person (Four Hour Reception)

Prices include liquor, draft beer, wine, soft drinks, mix and garnishes.

Per Bottle $35.00 $40.00 $50.00 $65.00
Cash Bar $3.50 $4.00 $4.50 $5.00
4 Hr. Bar $9.00 p/p $10.00 p/p $12.00 p/p $14.50 p/p
Extra Hour $4.00 $4.25 $5.00 $6.00

Whiskey Bankers Seagram 7 Jack Daniels Crown Royal
Bourbon Heaven Hill Jim Beam Old Grandad Wild Turkey
Gin Bankers Seagram’s Tangueray Bombay
Scotch Inver House Inver House Cutty Sark/Dewars Chivas
Blend Canadian Mist Black Velvet CC/VO CC/VO
Vodka Crown Russe Smirnoff Skyy Stoli/Absolute
Rum Castilla Bacardi Captain Morgan Meyers
Tequila Montazuma Giro Cuervo 1800
Specialties Schnapps Schnapps Schnapps Schnapps
  Ryan’s Irish Creek Ryan’s Irish Creek Ryan’s Irish Creek Ryan’s Irish Creek
  DiAmore Amaretto DiAmore Amaretto Disaronno Amaretto Disaronno Amaretto
Soft Drinks Only (per person) $3.00
Keg Beer Domestic: $180 | Import: $200-275
Bottled Beer Domestic: $55.00 (12 oz. case)
House Wines by the Bottle $28.00 (1.5 liter)
Champagnes (Asti Spumante & Korbel) $27.00 - $29.00

Please Note the Following Conditions:
For bar service, a bartender fee will be added at $50.00 per bartender.
State liquor regulations do not allow liquor to be brought in from outside sources.