The Wedding of Your Dreams on a Budget

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Wedding budget

So, you are finally ready to start planning your dream wedding, the wedding you’ve possibly been dreaming about since you were a child.  Unfortunately, you aren’t quite marrying the prince or princess that those original dreams expected.  Not to say that your partner isn’t worthy of being a prince or princess, not at all.  However, they don’t have the resources expected of royalty, and as a result you are stuck planning the wedding on (horror!) a budget.  Well, this is the real world, and the fact is most of us will face the constraints of some sort of budget when planning our wedding.  This being said, it does not mean you have to settle for a wedding below your expectations, it just means a little bit of planning is in order.

So where to start?  Well, start early first of all!  The sooner you get started the less stress will be on your shoulders.  Hiring an event planner will be an excellent first step in finding out what you can accomplish for your wedding on your budget.  A wedding planner can accomplish a lot with sometimes a pathetically small budget, but he/she will need some time to pull off their miracles, so find a good one fast, and give them plenty of time to get ready for the big day.  Hiring someone to act as an event planner will also take a great deal of weight off your shoulders so you don’t have to sweat all the small stuff.  Letting the wedding planner deal with the minutiae of planning a wedding will give you more time to concentrate on the factors that you cannot delegate to others.

Also important for anyone’s wedding is finding the right wedding venue and wedding reception venue.  In the case of a small budget, trying to find a location that will offer both is a great way to save time and money!  There are many gorgeous combination wedding venue/wedding reception venue’s out there, some with a great deal of character, but you will have to book early if you want to get your perfect location at the perfect time.  Remember, a wedding doesn’t have to be huge either, inviting your bosses boss may seem like a good career move, but let’s face it, he or she probably doesn’t care, and it’s money out of your pocket.  Intimate ceremonies can be more memorable and affordable then huge, gaudy displays.

Overall, try to relax.  Your wedding is possible on your budget, whatever it may be.  You just have to go about achieving what you want the right way.