4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Office Holiday Party

by Eventscor
November 27, 2017

Corinthian office holiday party

Want to take your office holiday party beyond festive plates and leftover paper decorations from last year?

Planning the perfect office holiday party is easier said than done. With a few simple tips, however, you too can plan the event of the season – an office party your colleagues want to go to.

Here are four tips to help you plan the perfect office holiday party.

1 It’s All About Timing

Date and time are critical for a good party. The last thing you want is a party rolling around just as everyone is inundated with critical pre-holiday deadlines – both personal and work related.

There are three options for timing your holiday party.

First, consider hosting a holiday party during your lunch hour. It’s a free time for employees – few to no important meetings – and it doesn’t infringe on employees’ personal time. Depending on the size and nature of your business, this may be a viable option. Lunchtime parties are also ideal because they’ll cost less than an evening event, meaning you’ll get more for less and enjoy a nicer party if you’re on a budget. For small business, this can be quite important.

Second, an after-hours event is often a time of celebratory tradition for many larger companies. If planned well in advanced, employees will coordinate their schedule around the event and look forward to this annual holiday celebration. This is also an opportunity to set a theme for the event and allows your employees and significant others to enjoy a night out compliments of their employer. It’s a nice gesture of good will and time to reflect on the year’s accomplishments.

Alternatively, consider hosting your event later in the season. A party upon everyone’s return to the office in January is a great way to capitalize on the festive season with fewer commitments and a revived employee appreciation spirit for the New Year.

2 Ask for Help

Planning a holiday party on your own is hard. That’s why it’s important to reach out for help. You’ll get the assistance you need and enjoy the organizing in the meantime. Plus, there’s ample room for creativity that doesn’t need to all rest on your shoulders.

Grab a few trusted team members with good planning skills and time to put the event together. Collectively, with the event facility, you’ll be able to coordinate the festivities with a minimal amount of stress.

You don’t need a big group. It’s better to have a couple of good co-workers then a disorganized team that ultimately slows you down. A small committee can get the job done.

Choosing the right foot soldiers will transform your holiday office party from an event to a celebration.

3 Make Hard and Fast Rules About Alcohol

Alcohol can make parties fun. Many enjoy its consumption at a party where they’re socializing with co-workers.

Nevertheless, alcohol can quickly turn a party from fun to cringeworthy, leading some to choose to leave it out altogether.

Instead of eliminating alcoholic drinks all together, limit the volume and types of alcohol.

Choose a wine bar or create a small cocktail menu and limit the servings to one or two drinks per employee.

You’ll save time, money, and possibly an embarrassing situation from happening.

4 Show Gratitude

A holiday party should be more than an item on a checklist – it’s an opportunity to show employees they’re valued.

Plan a moment or activity designed to acknowledge and appreciate employees.

It doesn’t need to be grand or expensive, just sincere and honest.

Make Your Next Office Holiday Party a Celebration

These simple tips will help you put together an event your office will want to attend.

Looking for a helping hand to plan your next event? Consider hosting your office party at the Corinthian. With a beautiful space and experienced event coordinators, your next holiday party couldn’t be easier.

Contact us today to talk about making your next event one to remember.

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