Interviewing your Wedding Venue Coordinator

by Eventscor
September 23, 2015

Interviewing your Wedding Venue Coordinator

If you have made the decision to hire a wedding venue coordinator then you have made a wise choice. There is a lot of work in planning and having a wedding and it demands a lot of expertise. Your big task is going to be finding a quality and experienced wedding planner. This means doing some interviewing of these types of wedding experts and getting the right answers to the 5 important questions you need to ask.

Dates and timing:

You need to know that first your wedding coordinator is going to be available for the date you have chosen. You also need to know that your wedding planner will book the important entities that are going to be necessary for your wedding. This may be your church, the wedding reception venue, and the photographer just to name a few.

What does the wedding venue coordinator look after?

You are going to want to know what your wedding planner does and does not do, so there are no assumptions made that could make your day less than the most pleasant that it should be. For example, if your wedding planner doesn’t handle the flower arrangements then you need to know this so you can tend to it yourself.

Will the wedding planner handle all of the wedding reception venue?

The answer here should be that this wedding expert will attend to all of the details right from the booking of the banquet facilities up to arranging the menu and handling all of the other details that come with this segment of the wedding. If choosing the wedding event facility is not something included in the wedding plan services then you know you need to handle this yourself.

How much experience does your wedding coordinator have?

You want to hear that your wedding planner has some good experience at coordinating and managing weddings. If possible you should be able to speak to other clients that this expert has provided services for this. This is a very important day in your life and you want it to be perfect.

Does the wedding planner have assistants?

This may not be important to you if you are having a small wedding, but at the same time you need to know that your wedding coordinator has resources to rely on to help with the many different segments of the wedding day that need attention.

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