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Why Your Bridal Shower Venue is as Important as Your Wedding Venue

by Eventscor
February 29, 2020

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One’s wedding day is commonly considered the biggest day of their life, and one that’s filled with excitement and celebration. Upon the announcement of any engagement, wedding planning activities quickly begin. No matter whether you want a small and intimate affair or a massive, elegant wedding, a tremendous amount of focus, planning, coordination, and effort goes into making this one day special and perfect.

In all of the excitement of planning the wedding and wedding venue, many other crucial wedding-related activities can take the back burner, including the bridal shower. But putting on a great bridal shower, and selecting an ideal location for it, should be just as important.

The Function of a Bridal Shower

While bridal showers aren’t held to strict rules and standards, there is a lot of etiquette surrounding them. More importantly, much of the decisions should be dictated by the bride and her preferences. But the key to doing this is that it shouldn’t burden her further by adding additional planning to her to-do list.

One of the goals of holding a bridal shower is to allow the bride to take a break from the intensive wedding planning process, relieve some stress, and take time to enjoy herself. This means that planning one, including picking out the venue, should be done by someone close to the bride. Individuals who commonly throw a bridal shower include maids-of-honor, bridesmaids, or mothers of the bride or groom.

While someone other than the bride should coordinate the logistics, it’s crucial to keep her informed of the details. This fact is especially true if she needs to prepare in any way, such as select an outfit that meets certain expectations.

The bride should also have input on themes or activities that she would like to include or forego, what food and drinks she might want, and what to include on the bridal gift registry. Including her input on these details is the best way to ensure the event’s success.

Selecting a Venue for a Bridal Shower

Bridal showers can technically be held almost anywhere, but selecting the right bridal shower venue is just as important as selecting the perfect wedding venue. In many instances, brides already have a dream bridal shower in mind. In these cases, it’s important to make sure her expectations are met, or the event is sure to be a disappointment. But even if the bride has no clue where she would like to have her bridal shower, it’s still crucial to give this a lot of thought and select the best venue possible.

Since the bridal shower serves as the day in which the bride gets to relax and enjoy herself (something which she certainly won’t get to do on her wedding day), it’s a good idea to ensure that whatever venue is selected is aligned with her interests, preferences, and provides the best spot for her to have fun!

Common locations used for bridal showers include spas, wineries, banquet halls, event centers, restaurants, parks, and community centers. When selecting a location, it’s also important to remember that it must accommodate to the size of the bridal shower, as well as allow for any games or activities that might be planned.

Choosing an event center or hiring a planner for the bridal shower is one way of easing the planning burden. These individuals often have experience with coordinating all of the tiny details to make the bride’s special day truly special. They can also give recommendations about everything from the menu to invitations, which also makes it easier for those who are planning the bridal shower but don’t have a ton of experience or time on their side.

Mental Benefits of an Ideal Location

Ultimately, the ideal venue can not only ensure the event is a success but can also have many positive impacts for guests and especially for the bride herself.

Planning a wedding is stressful, and while the big day is filled with concern about making perfect, a bridal shower gives the bride a chance to slow down, relax, and connect with her loved ones. These activities must occur at a place she loves or will always remember fondly after the event.

As you can see, selecting a venue for a bridal shower is one task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. In many instances, it is just as important as getting the location for the wedding right. It should be a location that fits the bride’s unique personality and tastes while meeting all of the needs and requirements of the event’s activities.

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