Fall Colors to Bring Warmth and Style to Your Wedding Reception

by Eventscor
October 20, 2019

Wedding Reception

The beauty of fall and the changing of seasons can bring added warmth to any occasion. Think of all the ways that you can bring fall into an event, from the food and drinks to the festive decorations. Plus, fall is a time of family gatherings as the holidays begin. With that in mind, you might be thinking about how you can combine all the amazing aspects of fall into your wedding venue in western PA.

In fact, October is one of the most popular months to get married, ousting June. There are plenty of reasons why fall weddings can be appealing and have a unique spice. Perhaps you are planning your wedding and thinking of having it in the fall versus summer. Here are just a few ways that you can bring warmth and style into your wedding reception by taking a few cues from the fall season.

Pick a Wooded Setting

One of the ways you can incorporate fall into your wedding reception is by choose a wedding venue in Western Pennsylvania that showcases the changing colors of the season. Pennsylvania is a state that has a number of areas where the woods have been incorporated into the venue. When you start looking for a wedding venue, consider using one that could allow you to have the ceremony outside under the trees, but also has space to move the party inside if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

You can enjoy the benefits of the beautiful fall colors and incorporate that into your decorations as part of the ceremony and your wedding reception afterwards.

Seasonal Produce for Centerpieces and More

One of the best parts of a fall wedding reception is that the seasonal produce can also serve as beautiful centerpieces. Think of pumpkins and other gourds. They have a variety of fall colors, plus they compliment any larger theme.

Another benefit for a fall wedding is the fact that it is harvest time. In many communities, that means fresh produce. Now you have the basis for an amazing farm to table menu. You can even use festive fall fruit as a part of personalized place settings. Plus, apples dipped in chocolate is one way to bring fall fruit into your wedding reception. Wedding venues in western Pennsylvania can tap into all the best parts of fall, including season produce and beautiful fall woodland settings.

Use Fall Backgrounds in Your Announcements

You can also include beautiful fall colors into your wedding announcements or even your wedding photo shoot. Still, don’t stick to just the typical fall themed photos. Use fall leaves and calligraphy, along with your wedding rings for one photo.

Find other ways to incorporate fall colors into your photos. You can also use fall backgrounds, in either a local park or hiking trail, to create some amazing photos capturing your love for each other. Your wedding venue may also provide some of these amazing fall backgrounds.

Leaves, gourds, and fall produce can be used to create some amazing backgrounds. You might also choose to incorporate fall activities into your wedding photos, including s’mores and falling into piles of leaves. Doing so will help you to capture this beautiful time of year during a beautiful and amazing moment in your life.

Use Fall Colors as Part of Your Wedding Attire

While the bride is typically in white, the rest of the wedding party can be used to show off some amazing fall colors. There are a variety of rich browns, burgundies, yellows, and greens that can be used for bridesmaids’ gowns. They can also be used as accessories for the groomsmen, including handkerchiefs, ties, and shirts. Choosing a simple color for the suits can allow those fall colors to pop.

Another way to bring those colors in is to take the colors from the wedding attire and match it to the linens that are being used as part of your wedding reception. By incorporating fall colors and décor into your wedding attire and wedding venue, you can create an amazing setting for your wedding.

Create a Rustic Feel

The point of a fall wedding is that you can incorporate a rustic fall feel throughout your wedding venue. Working with a wedding venue in western Pennsylvania, you can get a blank slate that can be used as the base for all these beautiful fall colors and pieces. If you are ready to start planning your fall wedding for 2020, let’s talk about the options our wedding venue can offer to you as a couple to create the wedding of my dreams.

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