How to Host the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner

by Eventscor
April 05, 2018

Corinthian rehearsal dinner

According to recent studies, the average wedding has around 141 guests.

Planning out all of the details of a wedding can be a daunting task. Making sure every detail of your special day is ironed out should be one of your main concerns.

Hosting a rehearsal followed by a rehearsal dinner is a great idea. A rehearsal allows all members of your wedding party to do a run through of the ceremony.

During the rehearsal, you’ll be able to identify any problems that may exist. Addressing these problems before your big day arrives is vital.

Read below to find out some tips on how to host a grand rehearsal dinner for your wedding party.

Establishing a Budget is Essential

Staying on budget is one of the leading priorities you have when planning your wedding.

Failing to establish a budget can lead to you getting in over your head financially. If you have a rough budget in mind, you can quickly narrow down the list of available venues in your area.

When trying to select a venue to host your rehearsal dinner, be sure to pay attention to the details of what they’re offering. In some cases, paying a bit more will be worth it due to the great package a facility offers.

Consider Unique Menu Options

Perhaps the most stressful task involved in planning out a rehearsal dinner is choosing the menu.

The guests coming to your dinner will have different tastes. Making your menu as eclectic as possible can help to ensure everyone in attendance enjoys their meal.

If you’re unsure about what type of food to serve at the dinner, reaching out to professionals for help is essential. Reducing the stress of this meal planning process is easy if you scale things down.

Having a casual BBQ or pizza dinner can help you get your guests fed without spending a ton of money. The food options are endless based on your theme and budget.

Find a Point Person at the Venue

Most couples view their rehearsal dinner as a chance to relax.

It’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed during the wedding planning process. Instead of having to worry about every detail of this dinner, you need to find a point person at the venue to help you out.

With the right point person, you can make sure your dinner is a success without a high level of involvement. It’s well worth the investment considering it will provide you with a break to enjoy the festivities.

It’s All About the Location

When trying to select a venue to host the rehearsal dinner, you need to focus on where it’s located.

Finding a facility or restaurant that is relatively close to where the wedding rehearsal will be held is essential. The last thing you want is to make your wedding party drive long distances to have a good meal.

Select an Event Venue You’ll Love

A memorable dinner following a wedding rehearsal starts with the selection of a great venue. Do your homework and look for a place that suits the needs of your entire bridal party if possible.

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