5 Ways to Incorporate your GREEN Lifestyle into your Wedding Reception

by Eventscor
December 05, 2019

Wedding Reception

We are all about helping you create the wedding you have always dreamed of, no matter what you have in mind. The new trend for wedding couples these days is trying to find ways to incorporate their GREEN lifestyle into their special day. However, finding wedding venues western PA that can provide you with inspiration and ideas along with guidance, are not easy to come by, making it seem like a time consuming and daunting task.

Lets start out by thinking of all the weddings you have attended. Have you ever thought about all of the things that are only used for that one-day? While that one-day is an extremely important day, why not try to incorporate some eco-friendly wedding ideas to help save the planet? Even the littlest of changes can help to make a huge difference. To help you incorporate your GREEN lifestyle into your wedding reception, we have come up with 5 different ways to make your wedding reception much more eco-friendly.

1. Find Décor-Rich Venues

One of the easiest ways to let your GREEN lifestyle shine is to find a venue that already has a lot of decorations. Many of the decorations that you use on your wedding day are only used once. Just think of how much waste you could be creating? You can find venues to fit just about any theme, especially if you are going GREEN. So many wedding venues are embracing the rustic look filled with lots of branches and greenery.

2. Think about Renting

Renting is another super easy way to live the GREEN life. Not only can you rent most, if not all, of your decorations but you could also rent your dishes and linens! Some venues even include your linens in your contract, which is a phenomenal way to never let them go to waste. They use them, get them washed after an event, and use them again! Also, by renting your dishes, you are avoiding using paper or plastic plates, bowls, forks, knives, etc. and throwing them out immediately after your event, which in return creates a lot of unnecessary waste.

3. Alternative Wedding Favors

Take a look back at all of the weddings that you have attended in your life so far. What comes to mind when you think of wedding favors? Immediately, I think it is a waste because most of the time they get left at the wedding, or shoved into a drawer at home and eventually thrown out. While a simple solution could be completely foregoing wedding favors, some couples just will not feel right if they don’t give a little something to all of their wedding guests. Lets get super GREEN and give them some baby plants or even some personalized seed packets! That way, if they accidentally forget to take them home, the wedding couple and even bridal party members and family can take them home with them.

4. Be sure to Donate

When it comes to having to decorate your tables and feed your guests, unfortunately you won’t be able to rent all of those things. If you are a flower lover, you are going to want various flower arrangements throughout the entire venue as well as the typical flowers for the entire bridal party. While some wedding couples may choose to preserve some of their flowers, it’s unlikely that you will preserve them all. Think about places that you could drop off your flower arrangements to such as nursing homes, health care facilities, hotels, animal rescues or even beauty salons. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box! Not only are you putting them to good use and not wasting them, but also you are brightening someone else’s day!

Now, lets think about all of the food that couples typically have at weddings. You generally will have a cocktail hour containing hors d’oeuvres such as meat, cheese, fruit and crackers. Then at dinner you could either have a plated meal or buffet style, either way there is always left overs because catering companies do not want to ever run out of food. Generally after the main meal will come dessert time generally consisting of cake, cookies, donuts, and brownies just to name a few. Some wedding couples also decide to include a late night snack such as pizza, popcorn or tacos. Instead of throwing away any and all of the extra food at the end of your night, take it to a homeless shelter. They will appreciate your kind gesture more than you will ever know!

5. Be mindful of your Registry

While it may be super fun taking the scanner all around different stores, keep in mind how each of those items is packaged – in lots and lots of plastic packaging material. Guess where that plastic packaging ends up going once you are done? -Directly into the trash. While it’s understandable that newlywed couples need basic items such as plates, a toaster, and utensils, try to avoid going scan crazy. Pick items such as gift cards or even ask for cash that you can put into a honeymoon fund so you can experience a new country you’ve always wanted to go to.

These five ways will be sure to not only help save the planet one wedding at a time and create the wedding of your dreams, but they will also create unique memories and future ideas for everyone to share with wedding couples that are planning their big day!

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