5 Tips for Planning a Corporate Event People Will Want to Attend

by Eventscor
June 27, 2018

Corinthian planning a corporate event

Planning a corporate event can present a challenge: do the bare minimum or impress your staff by thinking outside the box?

From finding the right theme to selecting a date, here are five ideas for planning a corporate event with flair.

1. Local Inspiration

Imagine an event that draws inspiration from your geographic location’s rich colors imbibed with the seasons around you.

Lush green, blood-red, and crisp yellows speak of fall in the Eastern U.S. while an array of rustic red, oranges, and deep earth tones will mimic the Southwest.

Historical buildings also offer great inspiration for planning a corporate event, with their rich local heritage and nostalgic appeal. You may find many of your guests have attended prior events at your chosen venue which will bring back wonderful memories.

Drawing from the environment around you enhances the event’s ambiance and design as well as adds to the excitement for all attendees. When they recognize your impeccable eye for detail, the event is taken to the next level and is sure to be one that they won’t soon forget.

2. Select a Theme

Having a theme helps with planning a corporate event. Look at your company’s mission statement or tagline to generate ideas. Alternatively, base the theme around a season when selecting a date for your event, such as summertime or the holidays.

Let the theme inspire your menu and décor choices as well. It can dictate the hors-d’oeuvres and meal selection, even right down to the place settings. Inspired decorations, colorful plates, and accessories under a plate can make your party and company brand stand out.

If you have a nautical, under the sea theme, for example, select seafood cuisine to complement the décor. Make it a magical night and turn down the fluorescents. Instead, top off the decorating with your choice of unique decorative lights and make it a magical party.

3. Let the Sound Ring Out

Make sure every attendee hears your thank you speech loud and clear by renting the right equipment. Let your co-workers join in the gratitude, too. If you’re feeling extra bold, invite VIP clients on stage to highlight their favorite part of working with you.

Don’t forget to provide music at the event, whether it be for background enjoyment or dancing. Select audio equipment that will accommodate the music and speeches.

4. Coffee and Dessert Bar

Coffee should be a staple of any event regardless of the time of day. Not only is it a popular commodity, the flavors and aromas from a variety of international blends will complement any affair.

For instance, organic fair trade coffee is delicious, healthful, and contributes to sustainability. Colombian, Indonesian or Kenyan beans stand out as also adding to both the quality and sophistication of your event.

A popular trend is to offer a coffee and dessert bar where guests are free to help themselves and sample from a variety of choices. They’ll love to try out a unique coffee blend, especially one that goes nicely with the dessert.

5. Work with an Event Planner

Many venues have event planners that can help with coordinating all the details to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves and feel appreciated.

From menu selection to place settings and décor, an event planner has the knowledge and inspiration to make your event a success.

Planning a Corporate Event

Your guests deserve to have a good time at your event and so do you. With the ambiance of a beautiful venue coupled with the aroma of food and drink, planning a corporate event to remember can be an enjoyable task when done the right way and with the right assistance.

Corinthian Banquet Hall and Event Center is a great place to host corporate events with many amenities at your fingertips. We’ll help you with every detail and plan a perfectly coordinated event.

For more information about planning a corporate event, contact us today.

The Corinthian Banquet and Event Center can accommodate functions from 30 to 350 guests. The Corinthian’s diligent team of personnel will provide superior service and exquisite cuisine to make an ordinary event extraordinary.