Planning a Fantasy Wedding on a Budget

by Eventscor
October 30, 2015

Bride transparent

“Fantasy wedding” and “on a budget” will strike most readers familiar with planning a wedding as polar opposites, and bringing the two together may seem like wishful thinking on the part of a bride or groom involved. However, with the right wedding or event planner, and careful consideration of all the possible options when it comes to wedding venues, planning your fantasy wedding on a budget can be surprisingly achievable. You may not be able to get everything exactly as you expected, but you can certainly get a close enough reality of the wedding you always dreamed of, and at a price you never dreamed possible.

Without a doubt, the most important factor in saving money on your wedding day is having an excellent event planner in your corner. A great wedding planner can work wonders, pulling together separate aspects of your fantasy wedding and making them possible at prices you could not find if you were planning the wedding on your own. A skilled wedding planner will be able to get you the wedding you want, at a wedding venue you love, for the price you can afford. Certainly, you may have to make some cuts here and there, but the job of an event planner/wedding planner is to plan these events on the budget you give them, and make/suggest the cuts necessary. They should tell you what is possible and not possible, and in most cases will be able to achieve what you want within the range of your budget. It is their job after all, and they have been training and are experienced on how to make you happy.

Picking the right wedding venue and wedding reception venue is very important, and something an event planner can help you with. They will be able to look at a venue and see the possibilities in it that you simply cannot see. The underlying beauty if you will. Understanding what a specific venue can accomplish and how it can be prepared to look just how you expect it to look, all the while remaining on your budget, is part of the wedding planners job. Wedding planners help the vision become a reality.

There are many areas where you can make small adjustments to your plans in order to save some money, and most people will not see these little adjustments. This is why a wedding planner, though an additional cost, is necessary. It will save you money and stress in the long run trying to find everything you want and need for your fantasy wedding.

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