The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Graduation Party

by Eventscor
May 01, 2018

Corinthian planning a graduation party

Graduation day is not just about the diploma. For high schoolers, it’s the completion of adolescence and the entrance into adulthood. For college graduates, it’s their time to officially begin their careers.

Your son or daughter did the hard work to get to this point. Now it’s time to take a few celebratory moments and let them shine.

It’s a time for celebration–a time to gather family and friends to reminisce about the journey to this day. It’s time to plan a party.

Planning a graduation party takes thought, effort, and creative execution. You want to send your graduate off into the future with a bang.

Here is the ultimate guide to planning a graduation party to remember.

Planning a Graduation Party Means Determining a Budget

Budgeting for a party is important. If you wish to throw your child a graduation party, start saving at the beginning of the year if possible.

Determine whether this party will be an intimate affair with immediate family and a few close friends or a mega-party where all of your graduate’s friends are invited.

Big or little, set aside a specific amount monthly and place it into savings. Here is what you should include in your budget:

Don’t wait until the last minute to come up with the funds for the party. Save in advance to reduce the financial strain of financing the celebration.

Guest List

The guest list is just as important as the budget. Frankly, it determines the budget.

The size of the crowd determines the venue and cost of food and supplies since you need to know how many people will be in attendance.

Keep the guest list simple. Depending on the popularity of your graduate, it may be economically sound not to invite the entire graduating class. Invite family, then sit down with your son or daughter and work out the remainder of the list, keeping the budget in mind.

Additionally, set out a guest book for people to sign and offer words of encouragement and wisdom for the graduate.


Time is of the essence, as your graduate won’t be the only one throwing a graduation party and he or she might want to leave their party early to hang out with friends later.

If this is a morning graduation, plan for a graduation brunch. This way family and friends can celebrate early and go about with their plans for the evening.

On some occasions, graduations happen in the evening. Planning a reception at night will be necessary or decide to celebrate the following day or night.


Once you have determined a time, send out the invitations. Do this a couple of months prior to the graduation, then send out email reminders as the date approaches.

Get creative and select a theme or style that reflects the graduate’s personality. Keep it formal or opt to go casual and have fun with it!

Plan Your Party

Planning a graduation party is a milestone event. It’s a celebration and a send-off. Use this guide to help you discover how to set up a budget, write up a guest list, and set the perfect time to commemorate your graduate’s progression into their future.

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