10 Fun and Unique Save the Date Ideas for Your Wedding

by Eventscor
October 15, 2018

Corinthian save the date

Your wedding planning is well underway, and now it is time to let all your friends and family know when and where the big event is going down.

Odds are you are no ordinary couple, so your Save the Dates should not be ordinary either!

Why send out boring info cards like everyone else, when you can make your Save the Dates as unique as you and your significant other?

If you are ready to send out Save the Dates but looking for a bit of inspiration, then we can help!

Here are 10 fantastically creative and unique Save the Date ideas that will perfectly represent you and your partner.

1. Photo Strip

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words — so, you will be able to share all the information you need to with a series of photos.

Photo strips are fun, casual, and are a fantastic way to capture what makes you and your partner special.

Use each picture in the photo strip to relay a different piece of information about your wedding, such as the location and the all-important date.

2. Mini Comic

Who does not like comic books?

You can share your love story with your guests in a classic and colorful form with comic book style Save the Dates.

Share your wedding details in action-packed panels that capture your geeky and playful personalities.

3. Photo Spinner

Why only feature one picture of the happy couple, when you could include several?

A photo spinner will allow you to share wedding details while providing guests with a slideshow of you and your future spouse.

4. Bookmark

For the bookish couple, why not provide your friends and family with a Save the Date that has a purpose?

With bookmarks, you can be sure that all your loved ones will be thinking about your big day whenever they crack open their favorite novel.

5. On the Map

Whether you are planning a destination wedding or not, you cannot go wrong with this kind of Save the Date.

With these Save the Dates, you can map out your entire relationship, or simply mark the spot of your big event. Either way, your guests will be sure to find their way to the ceremony.

6. Postcard

Instead of “Wish You Were Here,” write “Hope You Can Come,” on these Save the Dates.

Postcards are perfect for a destination wedding or even just picturesque couples.

7. Coaster

If you are planning on having an open bar at your reception, you may want to consider sending out coasters in advance.

These playful, but useful, Save the Dates are perfect for fun loving couples who want to let their friends and families know it is almost party time.

8. Refrigerator Magnet

What is the best way to remind your guests when your wedding is going to be? By making sure they put your Save the Date on something they look at every single day.

9. Luggage Tag

If most of your guests are going to travel to reach your wedding, then make sure they arrive without losing their luggage.

A Save the Date luggage tag is excellent for jet-setting couples who are always on the go and want their wedding to capture their whirlwind romance.

10. Scratch-Off

Weddings are exciting — so are scratchers.

Give your wedding guests the surprise of their lives by sending out scratch-off Save the Dates.

Put each piece of wedding information underneath a separate scratch-off pad. As an added feature, include a lucky penny that they can use to uncover everything.

Time to Save the Date

Before you can “Save the Date,” you need to know where the main event is going to take place.

If you have a date in mind but are still unsure of where you would like the party to go down, we can help!

Our gorgeous ballroom can accommodate up to 350 guests, making it the perfect venue for any wedding.

Contact us today for more information or to get started planning your big day.

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