Wedding Planner Tips for a Perfect Wedding

by Eventscor
March 30, 2016

Wedding Planner Tips for a Perfect Winter Wedding

Many couples consider throwing an off season wedding and gambling on the weather primarily because it can go both ways – it can be a stunning romantic affair or a disastrous event for many unforeseen circumstances can happen. Weather is definitely one of the factors that many couples consider when planning a wedding and doing it in the offseason moths, you have to be so blessed and lucky so that the weather would suit the mood of your celebration. Here are some of the most important things to check out if you’re gunning for an offseason wedding!

Find Affordable Vendors

Commonly, people regard weddings as an expensive celebration but of course, that’s just a myth. There are a lot of vendors that can help you save money. If you know what your desires are and if you plan ahead, you’ll be able to save big on booking a wedding venue, including a banquet hall and a wedding reception venue. If you’ve got the right connections and you’re determined to stay on your budget, ask your wedding planner to book the recommended photographers, videographers and DJ’s your friends had during their own special day. Of course, when it comes to transportation, costs will be relatively lower if the wedding venue is near the wedding reception venue. However, fresh flowers can be very rare during the winter season and that may actually cost you a lot, especially if you really want a certain kind.

Plan for the Worst

Offseason weddings can be very unpredictable. You have to prepare if the weather does not cooperate. A spring pop up storm on your wedding day can make it tough for anyone to get to the banquet hall for your wedding. The most effective way to combat these uncertainties is to ask your vendors what would happen if they’re forced to quickly change locations of the event due to inclement weather. You’ll find out people are a bit forgiving with this allowing couples to move locations if available or even reschedule them for another date even for no extra cost, given they’re available.

You may want to ask your wedding planner to consider wedding insurance, with policies protecting you from losing your deposit money in situations when you have to cancel due to the weather.

Handle Rejections Well

There will be some surprising ‘no’s’ – manage your expectations especially there will be guests you’ll really be shocked to decline. A winter wedding can be very hassling especially for out-of-towners and elderly guests. Unforeseen weather conditions and airline delays may not be their thing.

Embrace the Season

Your offseason wedding will be very easy to manage if you’re in love with every factor to consider. Obsess yourself with the icy, winter wonderland theme and flock the shops for the stunning snowflakes, sparkling lightings and frosted branches you and your wedding planner would be looking to set the wedding ablaze. Of course, you’ll have to consider consistency of the theme and serve wintry cocktails such as eggnogs and spiked hot chocolate at the wedding reception venue.

The Honeymoon!

Oh, it’s a perfect offseason wedding to cap it off with a Caribbean honeymoon. It’s the best time for you to visit. Of course, watch out for the holiday prices so book in advance or just wait for the prices to decrease.

So, these are just some wedding tips you’d want to know if you’re planning that dreamy offseason wedding you’ve all been waiting for! You will be astonished as all of these falls into place and you’ll be very proud that you’ve pulled off a wonderful celebration despite certain unpredictability.

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