Planning a wedding reception and considering guest food allergies

by Eventscor
April 15, 2019

Planning a wedding reception

Planning a wedding reception can be stressful enough without having to consider all the things that may affect your guests, such as food allergies or restrictions. You want to ensure all guest feel comfortable and enjoy their time, so food allergies are one thing that you should think about when planning your wedding reception. For those who suffer from food allergies or restrictions, it can be difficult to know if the event is one you will be able to eat at. What should you do to help a guest who suffers from food allergies?


This is a fantastic question to ask when interviewing caterers. You want to know how each catering business handles food allergies. They should have special accommodations or recommendations to help everyone enjoy the food that you are serving. Ask them about any type of customized menus they have for guests who may have dietary restrictions or food allergies. You will find that most caterers have these types of issues under control.


It’s ok to ask the guest if they require any type of special food accommodations. This can be done on your response cards. Simply leave them a blank to write in any type of food allergies or restrictions that they may have. Simply title this section Food Allergies, so everyone is clear that this is for life-threatening reactions, not for a simple request for those who do not like eating certain foods. In most cases, if a person has a severe food allergy, they will let you know.

It is always a good idea to provide a menu to guest in advance. Some even allow guest to choose entrée options. This allows a person to ensure they choose a meal that accommodates their food allergies.

Provide Labels

Make sure that all buffet and food stations are clearly labeled. Also, ask the caterer to note if options are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegetarian or vegan. This will ensure your guest choose the right foods to eat without having to track someone down and ask what each item contains.

Separate Meals

It may be appropriate to ask your caterer to make separate meals for a specific guest. This will ensure that the guest is taken care of, and there is no fear of an allergic reaction happening.


Do not forget dessert. Nothing is worse than having to watch everyone else eat something yummy, and you feel left out because of a food allergy. It can be a bit tricky for those who are gluten intolerant, but your caterer will have suggestions. Be sure that you label all desserts so that it is clear which is to accommodate those who have dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Don’t let Planning a wedding reception be stressful. Lean on the help of your caterer and ensure you ask all guest about any special accommodations that they may need. It will mean a lot to them that they can feel comfortable at your wedding.

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